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A Day at the Park – Adventures of Grapefruit and Ginger

By |April 23rd, 2015|

PicMonkey Collage

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter! I know I sure did! Some of the interns took me to Florida with them and it was amazing!!! The sunshine, the beach, the trees, the ALLIGATORS...whoohoo, it was definitely eventful. Sadly, I couldn't get any of the locals to take my picture while I was there. Everyone was too busy tanning or whatever it is those Floridians do...lol!

Things to do in the Smokies – Adventures of Ginger and Grapefruit

By |April 8th, 2015|

Bear at Vienna

Today was a hot day in Maryville and Townsend, about 70 degrees! I got to tag along with two of the interns again as they went around town putting up flyers for the Golf Tournament. They left me in the car the whole time though, so I didn't get to see how successful they were. And can you believe it? They didn't even leave a window cracked! My fur coat was beginning to be unBEARable.

Tuckaleechee Retreat Center’s-Adventures with Grapefruit and Ginger

By |March 23rd, 2015|


My first day out! Today, two of CBM's National interns took me to see the town of Maryville. It's so wonderful to be out and about after long months snowed in my little cave (the TRC office). But today, the interns were so busy visiting businesses to tell them about CBM's 2nd annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser on May 4th, that I was left at the bottom of the car's floorboard waiting and waiting......and waiting for a snack. Silly interns! A bears' gotta eat, ya know!? Especially after months of hibernation.


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