My first day out!

Today, two of CBM’s National interns took me to see the town of Maryville.
It’s so wonderful to be out and about after long months snowed in my little
cave (the TRC office). But today, the interns were so busy visiting
businesses to tell them about CBM’s 2nd annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser on
May 4th, that I was left at the bottom of the car’s floor board waiting and
waiting……and waiting for a snack. Silly interns! A bears’ gotta eat, ya
know!? Especially after months of hibernation.

Finally, a stop! This time, Sarah scoops me up in her arms and carries me
into an ICE CREAM SHOP! Elizabeth walks in front of her and orders a mint
chocolate chip milk shake (which happens to be my favorite), but she doesn’t
get me one! Silly intern. Then, Elizabeth turned her head and I saw my
chance!! I took a long, delicious sip from the Styrofoam cup, but I took a
little too long of a sip. Elizabeth had turned her head and was eyeing me
disapprovingly. Rats… Better luck next time we visit Chadwick’s Churn!
Maybe the other interns will get me a treat tomorrow!