Bear at ViennaToday was a hot day in Maryville and Townsend, about 70 degrees! I got to tag along with two of the interns again as they went around town putting up flyers for the Golf Tournament. They left me in the car the whole time though, so I didn’t get to see how successful they were. And can you believe it? They didn’t even leave a window cracked! My fur coat was beginning to be unBEARable.

Fortunately, they came back and we drove to Vienna coffeehouse for a refreshing drink. Sarah got a blackberry Italian cream soda. Blackberries are some of my favorite fruits. She didn’t offer me any, so I had to grab a quick sip when she wasn’t looking. Elizabeth got a peach smoothie. I sneaked a sip while she was in the bathroom. They were both so yummy! Maybe one day they will buy me something besides water to drink. . . .

band-bearWe sat inside chatting and cooling off in the cozy shop, an oasis from the chaos of life. Not long after sitting, a guy came in with a big upright bass. Then, another guy with drums! We sat with anticipation as they set up their instruments, just waiting to see what would happen next! Soon, they began to play some smooth jazz. What could be more relaxing on a hot day than some live jazz in Vienna?! Afterward, I just couldn’t wait to meet these guys, so I convinced Sarah to take my picture with them. Maryville is so full of random adventures! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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