HerIMG953554e I am, once again in the backseat of CBM National intern, Capree’s car. But, Sarah, one of the other interns is with her this time. Ooh, maybe they’re taking me on an adventure!!! And then, I spot them, and I scream enthusiastically, “Aww, DAFFODILS! Can we please stop?” I’m not sure if they can hear me though; I’m quite a little bear….why don’t they just stop?! This is my favorite time of year in the mountains of Tennessee……the hillsides seem to literally SPRING to life with buds and flowers…..oh wait, Capree is turning in somewhere!

Yep, sure enough, after she parks, Sarah comes around to rescue me from this terribly boring backseat and she lets me frolic a little in the beautiful flowers! It’s such a nice day outside; I am extremely thankful that they brought me on this trip with them. I really don’t think I could have suffered through another day on the shelf in the TRC office, jealously watching everyone else just come and go as they please…but, all too soon, I am taken out of my daydream because they’re putting me back in the car, and off we go.

I guess they must have a lot of work to do today. Oh well, I least I got to go out with them and experience the beautiful TN mountain springtime flowers! 🙂

Ginger (a very happy black bear)