OK, I’m back after a hectic holiday season. I wish you all a happy New Year!

Winter in the Smokies is tough, but extremely beautiful! Our maintenance man, Jim, keeps very busy during snow storms trying to keep the driveways clear enough to travel on. However, he usually has to wait on the storm to pass before he can do anything about it. As you can see, we don’t have the right equipment – a golf cart and box springs??? It hasn’t snowed much until 2010. Now we need to shop for a snow plow. Once we get one, we’ll probably have 5 years with no snow. Oh well, such is life.
Come visit us this winter. It’s quiet, peaceful, and there are still a few restaurants open, if you can get down the mountain.
Don’t forget the Winter Festival February 3-6, 2011. Visit the Heritage Center’s website for more information and a link: www.gsmheritagecenter.org.
For cabin rental: www.tuckaleecheeretreatcenter.com or 865-448-6442.