Many of you may already know that Tuckaleechee Retreat Center is owned by Children’s Bible Ministries, but for those of you who don’t, I’m telling you. CBM has been around for coming up on 75 years. In fact, this Labor Day weekend they will be celebrating at their National Conference in Polk City, Florida at Camp Gilead. Florida is where CBM started, and Camp Gilead is their first childrens camp. Back in the day, a CBM missionary would go into the public school, teach children a Bible lesson in the classroom, then assign memory verses. The teacher would listen to the children say their verses during the week, then the missionary would return to the school the following week, give rewards to those who accomplished their memorization, then teach the next lesson. If the child memorized a total of 300 verses throughout the school year, they could attend summer camp free of charge.
However, things have changed somewhat. CBM can no longer go into the school room to teach the lessons, but with the Released Time laws and certain conditions, they can take children off the school property for an hour, teach the lesson, and return them to school. CBM uses local churches, recreation centers or mobile classrooms to teach the children. They also provide correspondence lessons for the children to do, and camps in the summer. Thus, the ministry of the 3 C’s: classes, correspondence and camp. For more information about CBM, check out their website: