Tuckaleechee Retreat Center is in The Peaceful Side of the Smokies, or Townsend, TN. If you’ve never been here, please come visit. I love to show the Retreat Center, and will be happy to give you a tour. Soon it will be warm enough to use the pool. Don’t hesitate to call for a reservation. People are calling to book their events.
We’ve had a lot of snow days this winter. Although we don’t get many inches each time, if the snow lays on the driveways, Jim, our maintenance man has a lot of work to do getting product on the snow to melt it. We have been blessed with a golf cart that has nobby tires. It goes ANYWHERE, so that’s the mode of travel when we have snow. Hopefully, we are past the worst of it, but it is still chilly here. The temperature today will be a high of 50 degrees. Not exactly warm, but better than 20’s.